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Printed at: 05:44:20 / 25-09-2021

Wrist Strengthening Exercises

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1) With your forearm resting on the table, and your wrist free over the edge. Hold a light weight, such as a small / medium can of beans, or similar in your hand. Keeping your forearm in contact with the table, lift your hand as far up as you can. Hold for a count of 3 and then lower down as far as you can go.

Build up to 3 sets of 10, and then increase the weight.

2) As above but this time place the back of your forearm on the table so your palm is facing upwards.

3) Repeat step (1) but this time twist your hand so the can is towards the floor then the ceiling.

If the can becomes too light use a carrier bag with two cans in it and continue to keep adding to the weight as the exercises become easier.

If you have any concerns about your hand please do not hesitate to contact the Hand Therapy Unit on (01908) 995411.