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Printed at: 04:50:22 / 18-09-2021

Wrist Splint

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Wear and Care
• The splint should be worn for the length of time advised by your Hand Therapist, Consultant or GP.
• The straps of the splint should be done up over the back of the forearm and hand (see picture).
• The metal insert should run along the inside of the forearm onto the palm or the hand
• The splint should not restrict finger movement
• Splints can be washed with warm water, but the metal bar should be removed. When replacing the bar ensure it is placed into the pocket the correct way and that it is inserted into the internal fold to prevent it sliding out
• Alternatively the splint can be wiped after wear with a wet wipe.
• If any areas of redness develop or the splint causes any change in sensation or an increase in pain, remove immediately and contact the Hand Therapy Unit.

If you have any problems or concerns regarding your splint the hand therapy unit will be happy to help. Our telephone number is (01908) 995411