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Printed at: 04:10:01 / 18-09-2021

Using crutches – Heel Weight Bearing

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General Advice
• Heel-weight bearing means that you are only allowed to put weight through the heel of your foot.
• In order to maintain your balance whilst you are heel weight bearing you may need crutches to assist you.
• Keep your leg elevated when you are sitting down.

Standing up from the chair
1. Hold the crutches with the handles together in a ‘H’ shape.
2. Place one hand on the arm of the chair and the other on the handle of the crutches.
3. Put your heel of your affected leg on the floor in front of you.
4. Push up from the chair using both legs putting only the heel of the affected leg down.
5. Place one hand in the crutches and hold the two handles. Place the other hand in the crutches and split the crutches apart.

Sitting Down
6. When sitting down, make sure that you feel for the chair on the back of both of your legs.
7. Place your affected leg out in front of you.
8. Take hands out of the crutches and hold handles in ‘H’ shape in one hand (as for 1). Place one hand on the arm of the chair.
9. Now sit down.

Walking with the crutches
1. Place the crutches apart in front of you.
2. Put your heel of the affected leg in line with the rubber bits (ferrules) on the end of the crutches
3. Step your other leg through.
4. You must keep a triangle between your good foot and the ferrules. This is the most stable position.
5. Now move the crutches forward again and repeat instruction 2 onwards.