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Upper Limb Stretches

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General Advice

Stretches should be held at the point of mild discomfort for at least 30 seconds, and repeated 3 times. You should not ‘bounce’ while stretching, but hold the stretch position. Over stretching beyond the point of mild discomfort can aggravate symptoms. You should take care to ensure you position yourself well for an effective stretch.

Exercise – Biceps
Stand at a table and place your hands, palm down, so your fingers point backwards. Gently lean forwards onto your arms whilst straightening your elbows.

Exercise – Triceps
This can be done in either sitting or standing. Bend and lift the arm to be stretched. Grasp the elbow with the other hand and push back and down until you can feel the stretching at the back of the
upper arm.

Exercise – Rhomboids
Clasp hands in front of you at shoulder height. Push the arms forwards until you feel a stretch in the upper back.

Exercise – Pectorals
Stand facing a wall with your forearm on the wall, elbow at right angles. Keeping your arm still, turn your body away from the wall. Repeat with the other arm.

Exercise – Latissimus Dorsi
In standing, take one arm above your head and reach over to the opposite side. Repeat to the other side.