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Printed at: 04:45:00 / 23-09-2021

Thoracic Mobility

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General Advice
Keep a good posture at all times, with the back straight and the chin tucked in. If sitting to do desk or computer work, take regular breaks to carry out the following exercises.

Carry out the following exercises ..……… times, ……….. times a day, as far as you can without causing a large increase in your pain.

a) Start on all fours. Arch your back and look at the floor. Then lower your stomach towards the floor and look at the ceiling. Repeat this ten times.

b) Slowly walk your hands around to the right, then back to the middle. Then repeat going left. Repeat ten times.

c) Raise one hand off of the floor and reach under your body as far as you can. Return to the starting position. Then swing the arm out to the side and upwards as far as you can. Follow the movement with your eyes.

d) Draw alternate knees to the opposite elbow.

e) Stretch one arm forwards in front and at the same time, stretch the opposite leg out behind.

g) Sit backwards on your heels, transfer your weight forwards keeping your nose close to the ground. When you reach your hands, push up, straighten your arms.