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Printed at: 02:26:33 / 20-09-2021

Silicone Gel

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You have been provided with a silicone gel sheet in order to help soften your scarring.

Directions for Use
1. When the gel is not being used always keep it covered with the protectors in the foil pack provided.
2. To wear, remove one of the protectors and place the sticky side of the gel directly onto your hand. The gel should stick firmly to the hand and if it does not the gel should be turned over and retried.
3. Hold in place with a bandage or splint as directed by your therapist.
4. When first using silicone gel it is necessary for you to build up a tolerance. The normal routine is to allow you to build up your tolerance by wearing the gel for the following times:

a) Two Hours the first day
b) Four Hours the second day.
c) Overnight whilst asleep thereafter.

5. If redness or itching occurs during the tolerance build up remove the gel immediately, and consult your therapist.
6. The silicone gel will need to be cleaned every day, following removal from the scar. This is done as follows:

a) Place gel in a warm bowl of water and clean gently with soap or antiseptic solution.
b) Dry by patting with a clean towel, do not rub the gel.
c) Replace the protectors and store in the foil.

7. Personal hygiene must be strict. When using this product you must wash your skin every day. Talcum powder must not be used in conjunction with the gel.
8. After about 3 – 4 weeks the gel starts to disintegrate and a new piece may be required.
9. If an allergic reaction occurs, abandon treatment immediately and consult your therapist
10. Store at room temperature or in the fridge and do not fold the gel.