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Printed at: 06:24:38 / 25-09-2021

Sacroiliac Joint Exercises

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• Your Sacroiliac joint is where the two bones of your pelvis meet the triangular bone at the bottom of your back.

General Advice
• Remember to maintain a good posture, standing tall with the bottom and chin tucked in and the shoulders back. Make sure you stand evenly with your weight on both feet.
• When getting in and out of the car, keep the knees together and turn the whole body. Remember not to lean over and pick items off the seat before you get out. You should get out of the car as stated, then go round to the appropriate door to remove items, taking care to lift by keeping the back straight, tummy muscles pulled in and bending the knees.
• Follow the advice of your Physiotherapist with regards to the amount of repetitions of each exercise. If you feel and increased pain or problems, please contact your Physiotherapist.

Exercise 1
• Lie on your back
• Grasp your knee and pull it towards your chest.
• Using your hands, move your knee over toward the opposite hip, rotating your involved hip inward.
• As you move your knee, straighten your leg, pointing your toes toward the floor.
• Hold for 10 seconds and relax.
• Repeat …………… times.

Exercise 2
• Lie on your back.
• Grasp your affected leg underneath the knee with both hands and pull it toward your armpit.
• Hold for 10 seconds.
• Slowly lower the leg, gently pushing the knee toward the other leg while straightening.
• Repeat …………. Times.

Exercise 3
• Lie on your back with one leg bent and the heel beside the straight knee. The back should be flat and the pelvis should be level without any twist.
• Hollow the abdominals to keep the back flat and slowly let the bent knee lower out to the side. Do not let the pelvis twist or rotate at all.
• Only move the leg as far as the flat back and pelvis will allow.
• Slowly return to the start position, maintaining control of the pelvis during the return.
• Repeat …………. times

Exercise 4
• Lie on your side with the pelvis square and hips and knees bent. Hollow the stomach to straighten the back to a neutral position.