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Printed at: 02:51:02 / 20-09-2021

Roylan Dynamic Extension Splint

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Wear and Care
• The splint should be worn for the length of time directed by your Hand Therapist or Consultant/GP.
• In order to apply the splint, first identify the end of the splint that has the P marked on it. This end fits into the palm of your hand. Hold the two ends of the splint and slide onto the finger. Gently release the ends and position the splint on the finger as directed by your hand therapist, ensuring the middle pad does not press on the knuckle.
• To increase the stretch, with the splint off the finger, bend the two pads away from each other.
• To decrease the stretch, with the splint off the finger, squeeze the two pads together.
• The splint can be washed with warm water and mild soap. Allow to air dry thoroughly before reapplication.
• Alternatively the splint can be wiped down, after wear, with a wet wipe, to maintain hygiene.
• If any areas of redness develop or the splint causes any changes in sensation, remove immediately and contact the Hand Therapy Unit.

If you have any concerns or problems at all regarding your splint, the hand therapy unit will be happy to help.