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Printed at: 05:53:19 / 25-09-2021

Rhythm, timing and sequencing

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These activities will help your child plan the timing of their movements and will help in their planning of consecutive activities.

1. Play pat-a-cake and keep in time with your clapping.
2. Clap to the rhythm of a word e.g. EL-E-PHANT, RA-BBIT. You could use a drum or tambourine to beat the rhythm on.
3. Walking or marching to a rhythm e.g. Slowly 1 and 2 and 3, Quickly 1,2,3.
4. Jumping to a slow count. Keep two feet together to jump and land.
5. More difficult is copying a rhythm you clap. Start with just 2 or 3 beats. When your child has achieved this, add on more.
6. A further stage is using different sounds e.g. a drum, a rattle, and a block of wood. Simply use whatever you have that produces a different sound when struck. Let the child learn to do this when they can see the objects and then when they can’t.
7. Alternate two separate activities e.g. two big steps and two baby steps or two steps and a jump. When the child can achieve this then add on following a rhythm (stepping and jumping to a beat).
8. Get the child to carry out two separate tasks together e.g. jumping and clapping or jumping and counting you can even try patting your head and rubbing your tummy