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Printed at: 05:04:10 / 18-09-2021

Raised Toilet Seat

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What is this equipment used for?
Using a toilet that has been fitted with a raised seat can be helpful in allowing you to stand up from and sit on the toilet with minimum effort. A raised seat can be particularly useful if you have painful or stiff hips or knees, if you have had an operation or if you have a general weakness affecting your ability to stand up from the toilet. The raised seat consists of a removable, contoured, moulded plastic seat which is fitted to the toilet by using adjustable side fixing screws (on some makes of seat there is an adjustable screw at the front of the raised seat too). Some types of raised seat need to be adjusted on the underside of the raised toilet seat itself.

How do you use this equipment?
Loosen the adjustable screws by turning them anticlockwise. Lift the toilet lid and permanent toilet seat. Place the raised seat onto the toilet bowl; ensure that the front lip (or front adjustable screw) is in contact with the front of the toilet. Tighten the adjustable screws by turning them clockwise until the brackets sit firmly against the side of the toilet. Ensure the raised seat is securely fixed onto the toilet before use.

How do you clean this equipment?
The raised seat should be cleaned with a cloth dampened with a mild detergent (such as washing up liquid) and hot water. Please ensure it is cleaned thoroughly before being returned.

For your safety
The raised seat should only be used for its intended purpose. The existing toilet seat and lid must be lifted or removed prior to fitting the raised seat. This raised seat will not fit onto all shapes of toilet. If the lip or front screw is not in contact with the toilet when in place it should not be used. An alternative toilet seat may be available. Leaning heavily to one side of the toilet seat should be avoided to reduce the risk of the raised seat being dislodged. The raised seat should be regularly checked for damage or signs of wear and tear and that the adjustable screws are fixed securely in place The weight limit as specified by the manufacturer should not be exceeded. If the raised seat is removed from the toilet for any reason, ensure that the seat is correctly re-fitted and stable before use.

When you no longer require your equipment, please contact Millbrook Healthcare on 0333 240 8995 to arrange collection.