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Printed at: 06:19:31 / 23-09-2021

Perching Stool

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What is this equipment used for?

A perching stool consists of a metal frame (sometimes with arm and back supports) with a padded angled seat. A perching stool is a useful item if you have a limited standing tolerance but may have to stand for a long time in order to carry out a task at home. It is used to carry out activities such as washing yourself at the sink or preparing a meal in the kitchen. The legs of the perching stool are height-adjustable and have rubber feet to prevent the stool slipping. The stool also has a wide base in order to make it stable.

How do you use this equipment?
Your Occupational Therapist will advise you of the height the equipment needs to be adjusted to.

• Position the perching stool where it is to be used e.g. at a sink, in front of a work surface.
• Ensure that the perching stool in stable prior to use.

How do you clean this equipment?
The perching stool should be cleaned with a cloth dampened with a mild detergent (such as washing up liquid) and hot water.

For your safety
The perching stool should only be used for its intended purpose.
• Avoid leaning to one side or pushing unevenly on the stool as this may cause it to tip.
• All 4 feet should be on level ground at all times.
• The perching stool should be regularly checked for damage or signs of wear and tear.
• The weight limit as specified by the manufacturer should not be exceeded.

When you no longer require your equipment, please contact Millbrook Healthcare on 0333 240 8995 to arrange collection.