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About the device
The PARI PEP is a respiratory device to help make breathing feel easier and help clear sputum off your chest. Positive expiratory pressure (PEP) involves blowing out against resistance; this helps
by opening up your airways and allowing air to get to all areas of your lungs. It must be done in a relaxed upright seated position.

There should be 5 components in the PARI PEP package:
❶PEP S connecting element (with connector and sealing cap for an optional pressure gauge)
❷PEP S adjusting ring
❸PEP S inspiratory valve
❹ Mouthpiece (without expiratory valve)
❺Nose clip

To assemble the PARI PEP:
1.Push the adjusting ring ❷onto the connecting element ❶
2.Line up the adjusting ring ❷so that the hole with the diameter of choice (recommended by your therapist) is positioned over the holes of the connecting element
3.Insert the inspiratory valve ❸ into the other end of the adjusting ring ❷
4.Attach the mouthpiece ❹ onto the connecting element

The device should appear as shown in the picture below:

Procedure for use
1.Ensure all parts are firmly connected to each other.
2.Close the connecting element securely with the sealing cap.
3.You should be sitting upright and supported as much as possible.
4.Block nose with the nose clip ❺ if required.
5.Breathe in and out through the mouthpiece slowly and deeply using the cycle set by your Physiotherapist.
6.Cough to clear any secretions that are loosened during the treatment.

The larger the hole used on the device, the lower the resistance provided by the PARI PEP and the easier it will be to breathe out. The smaller the hole used on the device, the higher the resistance provided by the PARI PEP and the more difficult it will be to breathe out.

Please only use the device as instructed by your physiotherapist. Please use the device alongside deep breathing exercises; ensure you are as mobile as much as possible, with optimal pain relief.
Please keep the device clean and regularly wash in boiling water for 5 mins at a time, leaving it to air dry after use.

Do not use the device if you have any of the following:

• Collapsed lung
• Coughing up blood
• Facial injuries
• Unstable heart rhythms
• Airway tumours
• Tracheostomy
• Extreme breathlessness
• Inability to properly use the device

Be careful using the device if you have any of the following:

• Low oxygen levels
• Fatigue
• Pain

Your device set up is:

Use hole number on the adjusting ring

Your breathing exercise cycle is:

Cough to clear the secretion after every inhalation/exhalation cycles.

Carry out the PEP treatment ________ times a day