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Printed at: 05:41:18 / 25-09-2021

Night Resting Splint

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You have been made night resting splints; the purpose of them is to support your hands and wrists in a position that allows the structures of the hand to be on a gentle stretch. They should make your hands less stiff and painful to move first thing in the morning. They may also help reduce any swelling and slow down certain deformities particularly when your joints are red and hot.

Wear and Care
• As the splints prevent the hands and wrists from moving it is not practical to wear both at the same time. They should therefore be worn alternately; left hand one night, right hand the next night and so on.
• As the splints are made using hot water they should never be exposed to any source of heat e.g. hot water bottles, electric blankets, radiator.
• Night resting splints can be cleaned with lukewarm water and detergent. The water should never be hot.

• If you develop any areas of redness, or can feel pressure or rubbing you should immediately remove the splint. This is also important if you develop any changes in sensation in your hand.
• You should contact the Hand Therapy Unit straight away.
• Do not try to alter the splint yourself. If you feel it needs adjusting, contact your therapist to arrange a time for this to be done.

If you have any concerns or problems at all in regard to your splints the Hand Therapy Unit will be happy to help.