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Printed at: 10:15:28 / 20-09-2021

Lower Limb Stretches Leaflet B

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General Advice
Stretches should be held at the point of mild discomfort for at least 20 seconds, and should be repeated 3 times. You should not ‘bounce’ while stretching, but hold the stretch position. Over stretching beyond the point of mild discomfort can aggravate symptoms. You should take care to ensure you position yourself well for an effective stretch.

Exercise 1 – Gluteals
Sit with one leg bent towards your chest and crossed over the other leg. Repeat …………times.

Exercise 2 – Adductors
a) Stand with legs astride and straight. Bend one leg and put your hands on the knee. Bend your leg even more by putting more weight on the leg. You will feel stretching on the inside of the thigh on the straight leg. Hold for approx 20 seconds. Repeat …………times.

b) Sit on the floor with knees bent and feet together. Push down gently on your knees towards the floor.

Exercise 3 – Tensor Fascia Lata / Illio-tibial band
Stand with your left side to the wall. Cross your left leg behind your right leg. Lean your hips towards the wall. A stretch is felt on the outside of the thigh. Repeat to the other side.

Exercise 4 – Hip Flexors
Lying on your back, bend the opposite knee up and drop the leg to be stretched over the side of the bed.

Exercise 5 – Piriformis
Lie on your back and grasp one knee from behind and pull it to your chest. Using your hands, move your knee over toward the opposite hip, rotating your involved hip inward. Hold for 20 seconds and relax. Repeat …………times.