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Printed at: 11:44:42 / 20-09-2021

Ideas to improve body image and awareness

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The idea of these activities is to help your child develop accurate ideas of the location and function of body parts.

1. Pointing to various body parts e.g. nose, left elbow, right knee. This should be tried with eyes open and again with them closed. To make it more difficult suggest e.g. point to left shoulder with your right hand.
2. Copy body positions. Include positions that cross midline, or have a limb in front or behind. Start with verbal instructions and you demonstrating. Then go on to just instruction. Include positions lying down as well as standing.
3. Play Simon Says.
4. Child draws around someone else (or a doll) and describes the body parts.
5. Play Twister (a commercially available game).
6. Awareness through touch. The child keeps their eyes shut and names and points to the part of the body that was being touched. You can use various textures to touch with e.g. silk, paper, metal.
7. Touch body parts to surroundings, e.g. elbow to table, tummy to floor.
8. Obstacle course. Get the child to go around, over and through obstacles. (You can make things with cardboard boxes.) Get them to move forwards, sideways and backwards.
9. Estimating – ask if they will fit through a gap before they try.