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You have been referred for a course of hydrotherapy, which is part of your physiotherapy management.

Hydrotherapy is a physiotherapy exercise programme in warm water. The exercises you are given will help you increase your activities, return to your hobbies and sports and give you a way to continue with self-management of your condition.

How does hydrotherapy work?
The support of the water can ease movement and make you feel more relaxed. If you are unable to fully weight bear due to surgery or an injury, hydrotherapy can be beneficial during these restrictions. The resistance of the water can also be used to strengthen muscles and improve your overall fitness. Water can also reduce swelling and sensitivity to pain. You may feel tired or have increased pain for a few days after a session. This is often normal and will improve as your exercise tolerance and strength increase.

Your course of hydrotherapy will include a maximum of four 30 minute sessions. This is usually one session once a week for four weeks (occasionally this may not be possible due to staff availability or public holidays). By doing one session a week you will get the most benefit and will be able to implement the exercises independently.

How do I get my appointments?
Your hydrotherapy sessions will be then sent to you by post. Please let us know if you are unable to make these appointments by phoning the phone number provided on the appointment letter. If you are unable to make a session; please let us know as soon as possible. If this is after the course of hydrotherapy has been started it may not be possible to reschedule this appointment, depending on session availability and service demand. If you do not attend an appointment without prior notice, you may be discharged.

How to prepare for your sessions:
· Bring appropriate swimwear e.g. swimming costume or trunks
· Bring a towel and shower toiletries
· Please do not bring any unnecessary valuables (as we do not have storage lockers for these) or relatives/friends (unless special circumstances and has already been agreed with your physiotherapist)
· Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your allocated session start time
· When you arrive please check in with reception and wait until the hydrotherapy team call you down to the pool area.
· Please have a shower once you have changed before entering the pool

· The hydrotherapy pool temperature is between 33-35 ̊C
· There is a male and female communal changing room; each with 1 shower and 1 toilet
· There are boxes available to place your belongings in; these can be stored under the benches provided. Please bring any valuables you do bring onto the pool side and give to the physiotherapy assistant.
· Please do not wear shoes on the pool side or changing room. You will be asked to cover your shoes prior to entering the changing room with blue over shoes. This helps to keep our pool area clean for you.
· Wheelchairs are not allowed onto the poolside. Patient will be asked to transfer to a pool chair in the changing room and assisted onto the poolside.
· The pool has a hand rail all around and is two levels. The shallow end is 1.12m and the deep end is 1.35m.

Please tell the hydrotherapy assistant or physiotherapist if:
· You have an infection (cold, flu, thrush, athletes foot, or have had diarrhoea or sickness in the last 48 hours)
· You feel unwell prior to, during or immediately after the session
· Taken prescribed or recreation drugs, medication patches or alcohol before starting your session

Hydrotherapy Days and Times:
09:30 Upper Limb
10:00 Spinal
10:30 Lower Limb
11:00 Woman-only Spinal

09.30 Spinal
10.00 Spinal
10.00 Lower limb
11.00 Spinal

Other queries:
· The red cords in the toilet and shower are the emergency cords; please only use in an emergency.
· Pool access is by steps with a hand rail, ladder or chair hoist.
· Running, jumping, diving and pushing are not permitted in the pool area.
· Please refrain from using your mobile phone in the changing rooms or on the poolside. Please switch your phone to silent or off during your session.
· Please speak to the physiotherapy assistant on the pool side for information about local pools to continue your hydrotherapy exercises once your course is complete.