How to use the Breezhaler

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“Prepare dose”
1. Pull off the cap.
2. Hold the base of the inhaler firmly and tilt the mouthpiece. This opens the inhaler.
3. Separate one of the blisters from the blister card by tearing along the perforations. Take one blister and peel away the protective backing to expose the capsule. Do not push the capsule through foil.
4. Capsules should always be stored in the blister and only removed immediately before use. With dry hands, remove the capsule from the blister. Do not swallow the capsule.
5. Insert the capsule into the chamber. Never place a capsule directly into the mouthpiece.
6. Close the inhaler until you hear a “click”.
7. With the mouthpiece pointing up, pierce the capsule by firmly pressing together both side buttons (yellow) at the same time. Do this only once. You should hear a “click” as the capsule is being pierced.
8. Release the side buttons fully.

9. Breathe out gently, away from the device (to make room in your lungs to breathe in deeply)
10.Put the mouthpiece between your lips and teeth and form a seal
11.Breathe in slowly and deeply through your mouth to fill your lungs (you will hear the capsule rattle). You will need to breathe in faster than with a Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI). Even when a full dose is taken there may be no taste
12.Remove the inhaler from your mouth and hold your breath for up to 10 seconds (to allow the drug to settle in your lungs)
13.Breathe out slowly (do not breathe out into the inhaler)
14.Wait for 30 seconds before repeating steps 9 – 13 once or twice more with the same capsule to ensure it is completely empty.
15.Remove and discard the used capsule from the inhaler
16.Replace the protective cover

Breathe in deeply!
17.Clean the device weekly with a lint free cloth, never use water.
18.You should use a new device with each new prescription.