How to use Easi-breathe

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Protective mouthpiece cap

1. Shake the easibreathe inhaler.
2. Hold the inhaler upright. Open the protective cap of the mouthpiece.
3. Breathe out gently.
4. Keep the inhaler upright; place the mouthpiece in the mouth closing teeth and lips around it to form a seal.
5. Ensure your hand does not block the airholes in the top of the easibreathe
6. Breathe in steadily and deeply through the mouthpiece.
7. Do not stop breathing when the inhaler puffs, continue taking a really deep breath.
8. Hold the breath for about 10 seconds, and then breathe out.
9. After use hold the easibreathe upright and immediately close the protective cap.
10.For a second dose wait a few seconds then repeat steps 1– 9.

Ensure the cap is replaced in the closed position between each dose or the easibreathe will not operate.