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Printed at: 05:54:01 / 25-09-2021

How to fit your spinal brace (3 point extension)

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General Information

The purpose of your spinal brace is to help you maintain good posture. The brace will encourage you to keep your back straight and limit bending forward. Always sit up or stand up straight when wearing your brace. Your brace will be fitted for you by a physiotherapist. You will be shown how to remove and replace the brace yourself for use at home.

You should wear your brace at all times when you are out of bed, unless advised otherwise by your physiotherapist. It is best to wear a vest or lightweight top underneath your brace to prevent
chaffing. Outer garments can then be worn over the brace. Check your skin regularly for signs of rubbing or irritation. You can shower in your brace. After showering you will need to lie flat while
you remove the brace and allow it to dry naturally before reapplying.

Care of your brace
Rinse with water to clean the brace, then leave to dry naturally. The cotton pad covers can be washed by hand with a mild soap/detergent, then left to dry naturally.

Applying your brace
Apply your brace before getting out of bed.
1. Lying flat on your bed, slide the back pad underneath you, into the centre of your back.

2. Place the front part of the brace on your stomach. The upper edge of the top pad should be level with the notch at the top of your breastbone.

3. 5With the cover of the ratchet fastener completely open, slide the end of the belt through the opening of the fastener.

4. Tighten the belt by opening and closing the fastener cover. The brace should fit snugly, but you should be able to take a deep breath comfortably.

5. Close the cover of the ratchet fastener to secure the brace. It will click when fully closed.

6. Correct brace position

Removing your brace
Lie flat on your bed to remove your brace. Open the ratchet fastener on one side of your brace completely (but do not open beyond 180 degrees). Slide one end of the belt out completely. Slide the back pad of the brace out from beneath you. Opening only one fastener will help you to position the brace centrally when you next apply it.