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Printed at: 10:12:09 / 20-09-2021

How to fit your Aspen Vista neck collar

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You are required to wear your Aspen Vista neck collar at all times, unless informed otherwise by your doctor or therapist. The collar is designed to immobilise your neck to allow it to heal. It comes in 2 pieces; front and back. To ensure correct fitting, always ensure the writing is the correct way up.

Fitting and replacing the collar
Someone should always help you remove and reapply your collar in order to maintain proper head and neck alignment. You need to concentrate on keeping your head and neck still.
1) You must be lying flat on your back. You may use 1 pillow for comfort.
2) Keep your head in a neutral position and do not move your neck or try to assist. Removing the collar (follow steps 1 + 2)
3) Undo Velcro straps and remove the back of the collar, sliding out from under the neck
4) Remove the front of the collar. Whilst the collar is removed the patient must ensure their head and neck remain completely still
5) At this time the neck can be cleaned and skin assessed, ensuring the head remains still, see later section. Fitting the collar (follow steps 1 + 2)
3) Slide the back piece behind the neck and make sure it is positioned centrally.
4) Curve the front of the neck brace around the neck
5) While holding the front securely, fasten the Velcro straps and repeat on the opposite side.

Checking the collar fits
If the chin can be slipped inside the collar, it is a clear indication that the collar is not snug enough, and will need to be refitted.
• Chin should be centred comfortably in the chin piece
• Sides of the back piece should overlap sides of the front piece
• The Velcro straps should be aligned symmetrically so that each side is the same
• The large openings in the front piece and back piece should be centred over the neck
• There should be no slacks or gaps in any of the straps.
• The chin pad should sit under the chin, not sticking out (as demonstrated in picture).

Washing and cleaning the collar
You must shower/bath with your collar in place. After your wash, towel dry as normal keeping your collar in place. You will then need assistance to dry your neck and collar and change the wet pads, as you will need to lie flat on your back (as described in step 1 + 2). The Aspen Vista neck collar has removable pads and a spare set of pads should have been sent home with you.

Ask someone to help remove and replace the pads one at a time whilst you are lying flat on a bed. Replacing pads one at a time will prevent confusion over which pad goes where. The dirty pads should then be washed in warm, soapy water and left to air dry.

Please note: Your collar pads should be cleaned every day to help prevent skin irritation and to allow skin and pressure areas to be checked.