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Printed at: 06:36:18 / 25-09-2021

Hand Therapy Unit: Coban Wrap

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• Start the Coban at the top of your finger, leaving the very tip clear so you can ensure that it is not too tight.
• Firmly wrap the Coban from the top of your finger down to the base leaving a 2-3 millimetre gap between each wrap.
• You do not need to fix the Coban with anything as it should stick to itself.
• Leave the Coban on for a maximum of 5 minutes and apply hourly as able.
• Be aware that the tip of your finger will go blue/ purple and cold, but this is normal.
• However if the tip of your finger goes black remove Coban immediately as it is too tight.

If you experience any problems, stop using the Coban and discuss with your therapist.