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Printed at: 11:29:47 / 20-09-2021

Hand eye/hand foot co-ordination

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Stage 2
1. Practice hitting and punching a balloon on a string.
2. Practice throwing and catching in the following ways: (start with a balloon, progress to a large ball then to a smaller ball)
a) to and from a partner
b) to yourself
3. Target practice e.g. bean bag / soft toy into a box / square. Rolling a ball to knock skittles or through a goal
4. With a partner, stand with your legs apart. Roll a ball towards your partner and try to score a goal through their legs. Use your hands to save the returned ball from entering your goal.
5. Bounce a large ball to yourself. Catch it each time with two hands.
6. Kick a ball to your partner. Stop ball by trapping it under your foot. Use both right and left feet. Return by kicking it back.
7. Kick a ball through a goal. Progress by decreasing the size of the goal.