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Printed at: 11:28:28 / 20-09-2021

Hand / eye co-ordination

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These exercises will help improve your child’s ability in co-ordinating things they see to the activity they carry out with their hands e.g. throwing or catching.

Stage 1
1. Rolling a ball to someone and catching it as it is rolled back.
2. Rolling a ball against the wall and catching it as it comes back.
3. Hitting a rolled ball with a bat.
4. Playing with skittles (these can be made with used plastic bottles. Put some water in to weigh them down).
5. Throw a ball into the air and catch it. This can be made more difficult by (a) letting it bounce first, or by (b) clapping hands before catching.
6. Throwing bean bags or balls into boxes.
7. Batting games. A good starting game is “Scatch” – a commercially available game with Velcro. If using a bat and ball, begin with a large ball or balloon, or a shuttlecock.
8. Magnetic fish game. Other commercially available games such as mini basketball, Velcro darts and swing ball are fun.

For ball games practice using different sizes of ball.