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Printed at: 06:13:43 / 23-09-2021

Free Standing Toilet Frame

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What is this equipment used for?

A toilet frame stands around the toilet and provides an arm support on both sides, rather like an armchair. These arms can be used to assist you when standing up from the toilet or sitting down, to allow yourself to be more stable and steady. The toilet frame consists of a metal frame with plastic arm supports and rubber non-slip feet. The legs are adjustable in height and, on newer frames, the width can also be adjusted.

How do you use this equipment?
Place the frame around the toilet. Please ensure the middle horizontal bar is positioned at the front of the toilet. Ensure the frame is stable before use. To stand from the toilet push down on both arm supports equally as you stand. To lower yourself onto the toilet, reach back to both arm supports and hold onto them as you lower yourself down.

Height Adjustment
Your Occupational Therapist will advise you of the height and width the equipment is required to be. You should not normally need to adjust the height.

How do you clean this equipment?
The toilet frame should be cleaned with a cloth dampened with a mild detergent (such as washing up liquid) and hot water.

For your safety
The toilet frame should only be used for its intended purpose. Leaning heavily to one side of the toilet frame should be avoided to reduce the risk of the toilet frame tipping. The toilet frame should be regularly checked for damage or signs of wear and tear. All 4 feet should be on level ground at all times. All 4 legs should be adjusted to the same height.

When you no longer require your equipment, please contact Millbrook Healthcare on 0333 240 8995 to arrange collection.