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Printed at: 05:11:24 / 18-09-2021

Flexor Tendon Injuries 0-4 weeks

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Patient Advice Sheet

You have just had one or more of the tendons that bend your finger(s) repaired. The tendon can take up to 10 – 12 weeks to fully heal and during this time you need to closely follow the
instructions and advice given to you by the hand therapists otherwise there may be a risk of the tendon repair snapping.

Immediately after your operation you will be in a plaster cast but this will be replaced by a plastic splint when you visit the hand therapy unit.

You should not attempt to move your fingers until advised by the hand therapists or Consultant. Once the splint has been fitted by the hand therapy unit it should be worn at all times until at least 4 weeks after your operation and then for a further 2 weeks at night time.

Do Not Use the hand whilst you are wearing the splint constantly.

Exercise Regime Weeks 0 – 4
1. Using your unaffected hand bend each finger, within the splint, into the palm of your hand and hold for 5 seconds. Repeat this x5 on each finger.
2. Without the help of the unaffected hand, gently bend the fingers in the splint together towards the palm of your hand and then straighten them until they touch the splint. Do Not Clench Into A Tight Fist.
3. Make sure to keep your shoulder, elbow and thumb (if not injured) moving.

The hand therapist will teach you how to do these exercises correctly if you are unsure or worried about performing them when you get home do not hesitate in contacting the hand therapy unit on (01908) 995411.