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Printed at: 07:11:59 / 25-09-2021

Fitting your knee brace

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What is the purpose of your knee brace?

Your doctor has prescribed a knee brace for you to wear to help stabilise your knee. Your doctor may also require you to wear the brace to limit the amount of movement in your knee. Your physiotherapist will fit your brace for you initially and teach you how to remove/replace the brace as required. You will also be shown how to adjust the straps as required, to ensure your brace is
fitting correctly once you go home. Your brace must be fitted correctly at all times to ensure it is providing the appropriate level of support and/or restriction.

Important information
You must wear your brace day and night unless advised otherwise by your physiotherapist. If your doctor requires you to wear your brace to restrict movement in your knee, your physiotherapist will set your brace to the required range of movement.

DO NOT change the settings on your brace yourself. Your physiotherapist or doctor will adjust your brace to allow more movement as appropriate. Your physiotherapist will also advise you whether your brace should be locked (allowing no movement) or unlocked (allowing free movement within the specified range). Remove your brace once daily to wash underneath it, and to inspect your skin for signs of rubbing or irritation. You may require assistance from a family member or carer to remove and replace the brace safely.

Putting your brace on:
1. Separate the hinge bars and position the brace underneath your knee, with the calf pads (the smaller ones) closest to your foot. Your knee should be centred between the two hinges.

2. Fasten the buckle of the two straps closest to your knee.

3. Fasten the two remaining straps.

If your brace becomes lose you may need to tighten the straps in order to maintain appropriate positioning of the brace. To do this:

1. Undo the Velcro fastening clips and slide the straps through until there is no gap at the back of your leg. Be careful to maintain the position of the hinge in the centre of your knee.

2. Close the Velcro fastening straps and pull the straps through the buckles to tighten the front part of the brace, again maintaining the central position of the hinges.

Removing your brace
To remove your brace, unbuckle each of the straps and slide the brace out under your knee.

Care of your brace
Wash periodically by hand with a damp cloth and mild soap. Use a towel to absorb most of the dampness and then allow to dry at room temperature.