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Printed at: 05:39:12 / 23-09-2021

Fitting your Hip Tric Abduction Brace

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What is the purpose of your hip brace?

Your doctor has prescribed a hip brace for you to wear following your hip procedure. The brace is designed to support and stabilise your hip joint, limiting the motion of your leg in relation to your body. It will limit you from bending your hip forward, backwards or across your body, reducing the risk of dislocation and allowing your hip to heal.

Important Information
Your physiotherapist will advise you how long you should wear your brace for. You will need to wear your brace at all times, day and night, unless advised otherwise by your physiotherapist. Remove your brace only to wash underneath it, and to inspect your skin for signs of rubbing or irritation. You may require assistance from a family member or carer to remove and replace the brace safely. It is helpful to wear a T-shirt under your brace to prevent chaffing, but the rest of your clothes should be worn over your brace. Put your underpants on over your brace for ease during toileting.

Hip precautions
You must still follow all of your hip precautions while wearing your brace, and when removing your brace for hygiene purposes i.e.

Do not bend your hip more than 90 degrees
Do not cross your legs
Do not twist your legs in and out

Care of your brace
The straps and liners on the thigh pad and cuff can be removed for cleaning.
Hand wash in warm water with a mild detergent.
Air dry flat.
Plastic parts can be wiped with a damp cloth.
Do not machine wash.
Do not tumble dry.

Fitting your brace
1. Position your brace over your affected hip. The central grey dot should be positioned 2-3cm behind the centre line of your thigh.

2. Using the finger pocket in the end of the pelvic wrap with black Velcro, secure the wrap around your hips.

Fitting your brace continued…..
3. Then secure the wrap with the grey Velcro bringing it forward over your affected hip, to fasten at the front.

The lower thigh cuff should sit approximately 5cm above the middle of your kneecap. To secure the lower cuff first pass the strap behind your knee. Secure the small elastic strap first, followed by the larger overlapping strap.

6. Correct brace position when standing.

Removing your brace

To remove your brace, loosen the knee strap first, followed by the pelvic strap.