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Printed at: 07:22:25 / 25-09-2021

Elbow Exercises and advice following a fracture

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General Advice

Encourage your child to try to move their elbow as much and as normally as possible, particularly during everyday tasks such as getting dressed; tying shoelaces; using cutlery; 2 handed craft activities. Ensure that they also keep the hand, neck and shoulder moving normally in order to regain best function Wean off the sling as soon as comfortable. Encourage your child to complete the following exercises at least three times each day. Stop any that feel unsuitable, and do not push through pain.

Exercise 1
Sitting with palms facing down on your lap, keeping elbows tucked in at your sides, turn your palms upwards and then down again. Repeat 10-20 times.

Exercise 2
Place both hands “back to front” on a table. With your elbows as straight as possible, lean your body forwards. Feel the stretch at the front of the arm. Hold for 20 seconds. Repeat stretch 3 times.

Exercise 3
Grasp the wrist of the arm you want to exercise. Bend your elbow and assist the movement with your other hand. Straighten your elbow. Repeat 10-20 times.

Exercise 4
Lie on your back, with your elbow pointing to the ceiling. Straighten elbow then bend again. Repeat 10-20 times.

Exercise 5
Rest your forearm on a solid surface and drop your wrist over the edge. Then lift your wrist up and down. Repeat 10-20 times.