Children’s Services (Audiology)

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We have a number of trained staff who specialise in children’s hearing.

Our Aim
• To test children’s hearing
• To provide help and advice for children with hearing loss

Roles and responsibilities
• Carry out and interpret hearing tests
• Explain hearing test results to parents / carers and children
• Explain the type and level of hearing loss
• Refer to and work with other professionals (e.g. Ear Nose & Throat Consultant, Paediatrician, Speech & Language Therapist, Education Support Service)
• Advise on hearing and hearing related problems
• Assess and advise on the benefits of hearing aids
• Take impressions for making earmoulds
• Fit, repair and maintain hearing aids
• Monitor hearing levels in case of any change

Contact information
For any queries, to discuss concerns, or to book appointments please contact us at:
• Audiology, Main Outpatients, Milton Keynes University Hospital, Standing Way, Eaglestone, Milton Keynes, MK6 5LD
• Telephone 01908 995156 / 995199 between 9.00 and 4.30 Monday to Friday.
• Fax 01908 997784
• E mail to [email protected]

We can also receive text SMS messages on 01908 995156/ 995199 but please note that we cannot text message back to you.

Where to find us
• Audiology, Level 4 (top floor), Main Outpatients, Yellow Zone, Milton Keynes University Hospital.

We are not open at weekends or on bank holidays