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Printed at: 11:31:47 / 20-09-2021

Bed Exercises

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Advice and Information
• The following exercises can be carried out any time you are in bed.
• They should be carried out on both the left and right if able.
• Only carry out the exercises which have been shown to you by the physiotherapist.
• Only progress the exercises when advised by the physiotherapist.

The exercises aim to:
• Maintain muscle strength and range of movement.
• Reduce the risk of a chest infection.
• Improve circulation and prevent blood clots from forming.
• Improve overall strength to increase ease of mobilising when able.
Complete the following exercises ____ times and repeat ____ times a day.

Ankle and Toes Exercises
1) With your knees straight, bring your toes up towards you as far as possible, then relax.
2) Circle your ankles in both directions.
3) Wiggle your toes

Position a theraband around forefoot and repeat exercises using the band for resistance.

Thigh and Buttock Exercises
1) Squeeze your buttocks together. Hold for 5-10 seconds.
2) Bring one foot up towards you, push your knee down into the bed & tighten your thigh muscle. Hold for 5 seconds.

Lift leg off the bed and hold.

3) Lying with your leg straight, slowly slide your foot back toward your buttocks, bending your knee and hip. Slowly lower the leg to the starting position.

Add ____ kg weight and repeat the exercise.

Shoulder, Elbow and Wrist Exercises
1) Clench your fist tight and hold for 3 seconds. Open your fist and stretch your fingers straight. Keep fingers and wrists moving.
2) Clasp hands. Lift over head with elbows straight. Hold for 5 seconds and slowly lower back down.

3) With your arm by your side, slowly bend the elbow to touch your shoulder and then straighten.
4) Lift the elbow to the ceiling, and straighten at the elbow, then relax.

Repeat exercises (3) and (4) with a _____ kg hand weight.

Trunk Exercises
With both knees bent, squeeze your buttocks and lift your bottom off the bed. Hold for 3 seconds, then relax.

1) Lift one leg, and increase holding time to 10 seconds.
2) With knees bent, and your pelvis in neutral position, tighten your lower stomach muscles (as if you are tightening your belt). Hold for 5 seconds.

In the above position; complete 5 sit ups, by lifting head and trunk, hold for 3 seconds in the flexed position.

Deep Breathing Exercises
• Take a deep breath in through the nose, allowing the lower chest to expand.
• Make sure your neck and shoulders are relaxed.
• At the end of the breath in, hold the air in for 3 seconds.
• Let the air out gently through the mouth.
• Repeat the exercise 3 times every 2 hours.