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Printed at: 06:39:47 / 25-09-2021

Applying a Shoulder Polysling

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General Advice
• It is to be used as a form of pain relief and for comfort.
• It can be worn when you are outside to make other members of the public aware that you have a sore arm.
• It needs to be taken off to do your physiotherapy exercises.
• When your arm is out of a sling for example during washing, spend some time straightening your elbow so that your elbow does not get stiff.
• Your sling should not be worn at night (unless advised to by your Dr), and should be removed periodically so that the shoulder muscles have a chance to gently work
• As part of your exercise programme when wearing the sling you need to keep your fingers and wrist moving.

Putting your sling on
Your sling will consist of a sling, and long strap (waist strap) and 2 short straps as shown opposite
1. Hold the sling on the affected side so that the open end is at your hand and the closed end at your elbow.
2. Place your elbow as far into the sling as possible and put the plain short velcro strap over the top to close the sling. Place it near the elbow. The other strap with metal loops should be near the wrist.

3. Take the strap from the elbow on the affected side and pass it around your back and over the good shoulder.

Putting your sling on, continued
4. Pass the strap through the metal loop in the middle of the wrist strap then use the Velcro to attach the strap to itself. Aim to get the elbow at 90 degrees.

5. If using the second strap (waist strap), Attach the long strap near the elbow using the velcro

Pass the strap around your waist and through the metal loop in the inside of the wrist. Fold the strap back on itself and fix in place with the Velcro.

When finished, the sling should look as follows:

Taking your sling off
1. Sit down, and support your affected arm, for example by placing it on a pillow.
2. Undo the shoulder strap.
3. Undo the opening to the hand and wrist.
4. Slide the sling out from under your elbow and immediately support your elbow on pillows.