Advice to Patients Following Core Biopsy

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A sample of tissue has been taken from your breast. This is known as a core biopsy. A local anaesthetic will been used to numb your skin. Through a small incision or cut, several cores of tissue have been removed. These tissue specimens will be carefully examined in the laboratory.

Results: It can take a week to analyse these samples so you will be given an appointment to come back to discuss the results. However, occasionally further sampling is required. Should this be necessary, you may be contacted directly by phone or letter with an appointment to attend for a repeat biopsy. You will be given a different appointment to discuss the final results. When you come for your results it may be helpful to bring a relative or close friend.

What do I do when I get home?
As the local anaesthetic wears off, you may find that your breast is uncomfortable. You can take painkillers, normal over the counter Paracetamol is recommended. You will have noticed that the doctor or nurse applied firm pressure over the site for some minutes before dressing it. This was to help prevent bleeding and subsequent bruising. If the area should bleed again, pressure and a cold compress should help. However, if you have any further problems, do contact your GP or Breast Care Nurse who will advise you.

We advise you to wear your bra for 24 hours to help support the breast and relieve any discomfort. If you have any chest pains following the procedure, do contact your GP or Accident and Emergency at Milton Keynes General Hospital.

You may remove the dressing when you feel ready to do so, usually within the next day or two. Do not soak the area in the bath for 24 hours, but bathing as normal can take place once the dressing is removed.

If you have any questions arising from this test, our Breast Care Nurses will be please to help you. Tel: 01908 660033 ext. 86924 or 01908 996924 (08.30 – 16.30 Monday – Friday).