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Printed at: 07:00:05 / 25-09-2021

Adjustable Height Commode

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Usage of the Commode
Before use; make sure the commode is stable on a flat horizontal floor. The pot must be located in the recesses on the two support bars under the toilet seat.

To adjust the height of the commode, grasp the horseshoe clip between the thumb and forefinger and pull it out. Slide the leg in or out to the required position. Push the clip back firmly into the hole. Repeat the same procedure for the other legs making sure that all four legs are adjusted to the same height.

On some types of commode, the arms can be removed by lifting them out of the sockets, enabling side transfer to/from the commode. Make sure the arms are securely refitted before putting any weight on them.

How to clean
• Wipe over with a soft cloth.
• Use general purpose neutral detergent and warm water.
• Do not use harsh abrasives.
• To disinfect, clean as above and wipe over with a disinfectant solution, rinse and dry.

Do not store in sub-zero temperature. Periodically check for elongated or stressed adjustment holes. Check for split, worn or loose ferrules and loose or damaged horseshoe clips. When you no longer require your equipment, please contact Millbrook Healthcare on 0333 240 8995 to arrange collection.