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Paediatric Respiratory Nursing Team

Our Paediatric Department is still operating as normal.

If your child is feeling unwell without COVID-19 symptoms, you should still contact you GP practice in order to get a referral into the hospital. Our Paediatric outpatient clinics are still continuing as normal. Our Consultants are assessing whether your child should attend a face-to-face clinic, have a telephone consultation or if your appointment will be rebooked for a later date.

If you are asked to attend a face-to-face appointment, it is important that you do come to the hospital as the consultant will have good reason for wanting to see you. You do not have to walk through the hospital building in order to reach your appointment, there are direct access routes into Milton Mouse and Luing Cowley.

We are taking all necessary precautions to ensure you are safe and are staggering appointments so there are not many people in the waiting room, if you feel uncomfortable waiting inside the building, please ring us when you have arrived on site, stay in your car and we will call you once it is time for your appointment. You may see the nurses wearing personal protective equipment, this is to protect you and other visitors. Appointments should be attended by the patient and ONE parent/carer, no siblings or other family members should be attendance. Should you have any concerns or wish to speak with anyone please contact 01908 997 003.

Our aim is to make life easier for you and your child dealing with Cystic Fibrosis and Respiratory conditions.

Lorna Bass, Paediatric respiratory nurse specialist / CF lead

Although our role is extremely varied an overview of our services are:

  • To provide support, treatment and advice to children and families in their home.
  • Inform and teach parents how to include treatments into their daily lives with minimal disruption.
  • Liaise with all members of the Paediatric team so that continuity of care is maintained.
  • Support parents and carers through the difficult times. For example on diagnosis, when the child is unwell and when transitioning to adult care.
  • Maintain regular contact with the child so that any changes in health are identified early and appropriate treatment given.
  • Act as a resource for information about Cystic Fibrosis and Respiratory conditions to all involved in the child’s care, including the child themselves.
  • Train and provide guidance to parents to administer medication as and when the need arises.

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