Printed at: 06:44:11 / 05-04-2020

Statement on COVID-19 Coronavirus Milton Keynes University Hospital

We can assure local people that we have followed, and continue to follow, all national guidance on the identification and management of patients with suspected COVID-19. This includes when to test and when to isolate patients as a precaution against the possible spread of infection. Guidance changes week-to-week given the evolving nature of COVID-19 in England, and we keep abreast of all updates.

We have stringent infection control protocols in place; and are working closely with national agencies, including Public Health England, to ensure we are doing everything possible to safeguard all those using the hospital at all times.

We are supporting Public Health England to undertake extensive contact tracing to identify those people who may have been in close contact with the patient who tested positive for COVID-19. We have provided those people with appropriate health advice, according to Public Health England guidance.




This background information is being issued to address some inaccuracies in reporting over the last 24 hours. 

An 83-year-old man sadly died on Thursday (March 5) evening having tested positive for COVID-19 Coronavirus.

The patient was assessed in Milton Keynes University Hospital’s Emergency Department at around 9pm on Monday (March 2). His initial clinical presentation and history (including recent travel history – a cruise around the Caribbean) did not indicate he was at risk of COVID-19.

The hospital followed all relevant national guidance in the assessment and screening of this patient for COVID-19. As soon as the patient’s clinical presentation changed, he was reassessed against this guidance; tested for infections including COVID-19 and isolated as a precautionary measure whilst the results of those tests were awaited.