Home Birth

Our maternity service at MKUH are dedicated to providing you with choice of place of birth, we currently offer birth on our labour ward or at your home.

Our home birth service is run by our midwives who cover a 24-hour rota so we can be available to you during your labour and birth. We will meet with you at home, at 36 weeks to discuss your choices for your home birth.

There may be times, when the maternity service is extremely busy, or our community midwives are already at a home birth. If this happens you will be invited to attend the maternity unit for assessment whilst we continue to review all possible options to support you at home. It may be possible for you to go home and for our midwives to support you when your labour is more advanced.

For further information and support please contact: [email protected]

Last Modified: 10:02am 30/08/2022