Keeping in touch with your relatives at this time

Email a letter and photos to your loved one

Milton Keynes University Hospital has launched a new email service for families and friends which can be used to send letters and photographs to patients.

During this time, when you are not able to visit your loved one in hospital, you may wish to email them a letter and one or two photographs.

To do this, please email us at [email protected] attaching your letter and photograph(s). Please also provide your loved one’s date of birth and full name.

Upon receipt, we will print out your letter and laminate any photographs and deliver them to your loved one.

If you have any questions about emailing a letter or if you need any help, please call our PALS team on 01908 995 954.

Families and friends can now drop off items for patients

To help tackle the spread of COVID-19 in order to protect both our patients and our staff, we are currently not allowing visitors to our hospital, with a few exceptions. We have put in place a new arrangement which will allow families and friends to bring in one plastic bag of items per patient. On safe receipt of the bag, Trust staff will take them to the relevant ward.

If you would like to drop of some items to a family member, follow this process:

  • Please do not bring large holdalls or suitcases as we do not have the space to store these on the wards.
  • To mark the bag with the patient’s name and date of birth.
  • To fill the bag with items like clothes, toiletries, books and magazines, non-perishable foods and drinks in sealed containers eg biscuits or fruit squash. No glass or breakables.
  • To please leave out valuable items eg electrical items, mobile phones and jewellery.
  • Drop it off at the hospital’s Main Reception between 1000hrs and 1400hrs each day. We are unable to accept bags outside of these hours.
  • We have stated that unfortunately the Trust is not able to accept flowers or balloons.
  • We have also stated the hospital cannot accept responsibility for any item that goes missing and items will remain with the patients and will not be returned.

Last Modified: 9:24am 15/02/2021