Printed at: 06:11:48 / 05-04-2020

Information on Coronavirus also known as COVID-19

We understand that you may be concerned about the ongoing coronavirus situation.

Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has taken steps to protect patients, staff and visitors and maintain the running of its services as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, including introducing restrictions on patient visits and postponing routine operations.

These measures aim to reduce visitor footfall across the hospital – and with it the risk of spreading the virus – and maximise the number of hospital beds available for patients needing emergency care.

This page provides you with updates including actions we are taking to care for patients and reduce the risk of spreading the COVID-19 infection.


We are further restricting visiting to our hospital to help tackle the spread of COVID-19 in order to protect both our patients and our staff.

With immediate effect, we will not allow any visitors to our hospital, with a few exceptions:

  • Maternity – one birth partner only. Strictly no children.
  • Paediatrics – one parent/guardian only. Strictly no siblings.
  • Patients at the end of life – in the upsetting and difficult circumstances where patients may be at the end of their life, the decision for visiting will be down to the nurse in charge.

On arrival to any ward or department, all visitors should wash their hands thoroughly (for 20 seconds at least) or use the alcohol gel provided. We would ask that you do the same on leaving the ward.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Planned appointments and admissions

Routine planned surgery is being postponed during this time. Patients who have appointments for planned routine surgery will be contacted by the hospital and their appointments rescheduled.

Urgent operations and operations that form part of cancer treatment will continue to go ahead and patients should attend as planned.


In order to help protect the patients and staff at the hospital, we are looking at how we can work differently during the national coronavirus pandemic.

The majority of routine appointments have been cancelled for eight  weeks from Monday, March 30,  2020. If your appointment is affected you will receive a phone call, letter or text message. We will contact you to offer you a new appointment as soon as we are able to do so.

For appointments where it is medically appropriate, we are increasing the availability of virtual clinics and consultations (using Skype and similar technologies) and telephone appointments in order to can accommodate the appointments of as many patients as possible without the need for them to come into the hospital. If we are able to offer you one of these facilities for your appointment, we will let you know.

Some outpatient appointments and diagnostic appointments (scans, x-rays, endoscopies etc) will need people to continue to attend the hospital. If you have not heard from the hospital with a change to your appointment, please attend as planned.

Important advice for your family

Everyone is being reminded to follow Public Health England advice to:

  • Always carry tissues with you and use them to catch your cough or sneeze. Then bin the tissue and was your hands or use hand sanitiser gel if you are out and about.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water, especially after using public transport. Use a sanitiser gel if soap and water are not available.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and moth with unwashed hands.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are unwell.

Eaglestone Restaurant and League of Friends Shop

Please note that Eaglestone Restaurant and the League of Friends shop have been closed to the public, including patients, until further notice. Visitors and patients can still buy food and beverages from Costa, Hello Fresh and Subway in the main entrance. Entry to the restaurant is currently limited to MKUH staff and staff from Oxford University Hospitals, CNWL, MK Council and South Central Ambulance Service only.

Please note, outlets in the main entrance are card-only payments for the foreseeable future.

For more information and support

All the latest information relating to coronavirus can be found on the NHS website and the official UK Government website. This includes information about the virus and what to do if you develop symptoms.

Information for children is available on the BBC Newsround website, including specific advice if children are feeling upset by the news.



Information updated 24/03/2020