MKUH New Hospital Programme

In October 2020, it was announced by UK Prime Minister that MKUH would be one of 48 hospital sites across the country who will receive funding to improve infrastructure and facilities for patients and staff. The New Hospital Programme (NHP) is the largest hospital improvement programme in a generation and at MKUH, we are using this as an opportunity to transform the way we see and treat patients to meet their needs of today as well as in the future.

Find out more about these new proposed facilities below.

Elective Surgical Centre

With demand on elective and emergency surgery increasing all the time, we plan to develop a world-class elective surgical centre, combining new clinical space with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. This new facility will allow us to ensure that more patients receive the treatment they need in a timely, effective and safe manner.

Through developing the Elective Surgical Centre, this will create opportunities for MKUH to become a centre of excellence in certain treatments and specialities, ensuring that we attract and retain the best clinical talent.

It is proposed that the new Elective Surgical Centre would be located where the current CRS portacabin is.

Imaging Centre

A new Imaging Centre will allow us to increase our clinical capacity, ensuring more patients can be seen and treated effectively. The new facility will give patients access to 7-day scanning for both MRI and CT, with new scanners featuring the latest technology which are able to process information more accurately.

As well as increasing access to patients in Milton Keynes, there will further be potential to offer surplus capacity to other local healthcare providers in the region.

The Imaging Centre would be built where the current MRI building is located.

Women’s and Children’s Hospital

Our dedicated Women’s and Children’s Hospital will co-locate key maternity and paediatric services under one roof, providing an industry-leading facility that would transform the care that we are able to provide to new families. The building would be located to the back of the site, in the area where the current Milton Mouse facility is.

The new hospital will be essential to meet the needs of local people now and in the future, with forecasts showing that the population of MK will almost double to 500,000 people by 2050. As well as increasing clinical capacity, the new building will provide an opportunity to reimagine the way we see and treat our patients, ensuring every single individual receives the best possible care and experience every single time.

What is the New Hospital Programme?

The New Hospital Programme enabled Trusts across the country to ‘bid’ for funding to improve their infrastructure and facilities. 48 hospitals were selected and are each undergoing their own individual programmes based on their specific needs and funding requirements.

What does this mean at MKUH?

With Milton Keynes being one of the fastest growing places in the UK, it is vital that we continue to enhance and improve the services that we offer to our patients so they receive the best possible care and experience. To meet this growing demand, we need to invest in our site and rethink the way that we provide some services, to make sure we can meet the local health needs of now and the future.

As well as investing physically in the development of our hospital site, as part of the NHP, we will be utilising the latest technologies to create ‘smarter’ facilities, making use of the vast amounts of patient and building data that we collect. Through the introduction of clever systems and devices, we will be able to ensure that we always have the right staff, in the right place, at the right time to deliver the exact care that our patients require.

When will building work start?

Our programme of work is still under development and all the facilities above are proposed at this stage. Before any construction work begins on-site, we will be working collaboratively with our staff, patients and local community to make sure the design of the new buildings allow us to deliver that best possible clinical service.

Last Modified: 8:50am 13/07/2021